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Conformal coating done efficiently.

McGregor can provide precision conformal coating and encapsulation during your electronic manufacturing. From prototype quantities to high volume, safeguard your circuits from the environmental hazards.  Allow your product to surpass the longevity of your competitors.

Products used in the conformal coating process:
   - Dow Corning  3-1953 Silicone Coating,  Thickness 3-15 mils 
   - Henkel Urethane Coating  STYCAST UV7993, Thickness 1-6 mils

Product used in our encapsulation process:
   - Resinlab Two-Part Epoxy EP1296

To design a printed circuit board that will be conformally coated, you should first begin by reviewing the IPC standards. This will give you a good foundation. Second, please be sure to allow our team to be involved so that the manufacturing cost is minimal. 

IPC Standards:
   - IPC-CC-830
   - IPC-610
   - IPC-J-STD-001F

IPC Standards
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